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Michael Maes

Molecular Biology and Neuroscience
Deakin University
Victoria, Australia

Current Issue Articles

Research Article Open Access Pages: 167 - 178 Japan

Effect of Cognitive Training by Music Therapy

Kazue Sawami, Tetsuro Kitamura, Chizuko Suishu

Purpose: Targeting elderly people who live in local areas, by intervening the mixture of music therapy and recognition training, we will clarify if there is a significant difference among before the intervention, and non-intervened term, and after the intervention.

doi: 10.26502/jppd.2572-519X0053
Mini Review Open Access Pages: 179 - 182 Russian Federation

Participation of Src-kinase in Age Changes of the Brain Central Zone

Yavisheva Tatiana, Shcherbakov Sergey

In germinal loci of a brain, as well as in tissues of peripheral organs there are morphofunctional zones in which a proliferation and differentiation of cambial cells occur. The hypothalamus with hypophysiotropic region represents the central zone. One of the key prot...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jppd.2572-519X0054
Case Report Open Access Pages: 183 - 188 Nigeria
Amitryptilline Induced Intestinal Obstruction (Ogilvie Syndrome) In A 70 Year Old: Medical And Legal Issues: A Case Report

Nwaopara A Uche

Introduction: Anticholinergic side-effects of Tricyclic antidepressants, such as blurring of vision, dryness of the mouth, constipation and retention of urine are common are well reported. Fewer studies report that acute abdomen due to the use of antidepressants is ra...Read More

doi: 10.26502/jppd.2572-519X0055

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