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Articles in Volume 1 Issue 2

Research Article Open Access Pages: 45 - 56 Iran
Effectiveness of Tonge Group Education on General Health of Mothers with under Drug Therapy Autistic Children

Purpose: Purpose of present research is to investigate effectiveness of Tonge group education on general health of mothers with under drug therapy autistic children.

Methodology: This study was semi-experimental with a pre-test/post-test design with a control population. Studied populatio...Read More

Research Article Open Access Pages: 57 - 75 Egypt
Relationship Between Social Support and the Quality of Life among Psychiatric Patients

Background: Mental health disorders are medical conditions that influence individuals’ daily functioning, ability to maintain social relationships, and decrease their quality of life (QOL). Social support is meaningful because it is essential for mental health a...Read More

Case Report Open Access Pages: 76 - 85 United States
Selective Mutism Interventions: What Works?

Selective Mutism, like many disabilities, is often misunderstood in the educational setting. Due to a lack of understanding, educators have mislabeled children who struggle with Selective Mutism as “stubborn.” Despite this, research shows us that Selective...Read More

Review Article Open Access Pages: 86 - 102 USA
Postpartum Anxiety Prevalence, Predictors and Effects on Child Development: A Review

This narrative review of the literature was derived from a search for 2010-2017 publications on postpartum anxiety and postnatal anxiety on the PubMed and PsycINFO databases. Approximately two thirds of the papers are focused on the prevalence/incidence, onset and cou...Read More

Research Article Open Access Pages: 103 - 107 UK
Evaluating Some of the Approaches: Biomedical Versus Alternative Perspectives in Understanding Mental Health

This paper evaluates the biomedical paradigm and approach towards understanding and ‘treating’ mental illness. In so doing it works towards evaluating the understanding posed by medical views and contrasts this to a psycho-social understanding of ‘me...Read More

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